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Date Press Item
02-04-2015Students' intent to transfer could threaten broad-access institutions under proposed college ratings system
11-12-2014UCLA higher ed study: Professors' emphasis on student-centered teaching methods hits 25-year high
03-05-2014Concerns over college costs, financial aid hit all-time high as factors in students' choice of school
01-24-2013Survey: More freshmen than ever say they go to college to get better jobs, make more money
10-23-2012Financial concerns a major source of stress for faculty at U.S. public colleges, universities
08-09-2012Underrepresented students experience more racial discrimination at low-diversity institutions, according to study
01-25-2012Incoming college students more liberal on hot-button political, social issues, annual survey finds
11-28-2011Colleges can better predict graduation rates by looking more closely at the types of students they enroll, report finds
03-13-2011HERI director, Sylvia Hurtado, receives outstanding Latina in higher education award
01-26-2011Incoming college students rate emotional health at record low, annual survey finds
11-08-2010Researchers find college students' spirituality associated with academic growth and satisfaction with college
02-16-2010Freshmen show gains in aspirations for science degrees, but not all arrive at finish line
01-18-2010Financial concerns of first-year college students have wide impact
03-19-2009Graduates of all-girls high schools show stronger academic orientations than coed graduates
03-05-2009U.S. faculty: Civic engagement, diversity important goals for undergraduate education
01-22-2009Political engagement among college freshmen hits 40-year high
10-15-2008Income gap between whites, Latinos has grown at four-year colleges
01-24-2008Survey finds most college freshmen satisfied with close parental involvement
10-10-2007Counter to Popular Belief, Majority of Asian American Students Not Realizing Wide Academic Success, UCLA Survey Reports
05-21-2007Parental Encouragement, Career and Financial Growth Motivate First-Generation Students to Attend College
04-09-2007Today's College Freshmen Have Family Income 60% Above National Average
01-19-2007More College Freshmen Now Show Interest in Politics
01-25-2006More College Freshmen Committed to Social and Civic Responsibility
09-12-2005More Than One-Third of College Faculty Believes Most of Their Students Lack Basic Skills Needed for College, UCLA Survey Reveals
02-01-2005College Completion Declining, Taking Longer, UCLA Study Shows
01-31-2005Political Orientations of the Nation's Freshmen Are More Polarized, UCLA Survey Reveals
01-26-2004Political Interest on the Rebound Among the Nation's Freshmen, UCLA Survey Reveals
01-27-2003College Freshmen Spend Less Time Studying And More Time Surfing The Net, UCLA Survey Reveals
01-31-2002College Freshmen More Politically Liberal Than In The Past, UCLA Survey Reveals
01-31-2001The Nation's Female Freshmen Lack Computer Confidence, UCLA Study Reveals
01-31-2000Record Numbers Of The Nation's Freshmen Feel High Degree Of Stress, UCLA Study Finds
01-25-1999Most Of The Nation's College Freshmen Embrace The Internet As An Educational Tool, UCLA Study Finds
01-01-1998Academic And Political Engagement Among Nation's College Freshmen Is At All-Time Low, UCLA Study Finds
06-16-1997UCLA Study Shows Nation's College Faculty Of Color Still Low In Number, Still Occupy Lower Tiers
01-01-1997Volunteerism Among U.S. College Freshmen At All-Time High, UCLA Study Finds