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Custom Reports are delivered as a Microsoft Excel file with the exception of the PowerPoint Report. Reports contain aggregated data for an individual institution, a peer group, or a comparison group. Only participating institutions may order reports for their institution. Participating institution refers to schools who were active participants and whose students responded to the survey. In order to maintain institutional privacy, peer group reports contain aggregated data from a minimum of five institutions. For those who are interested in ordering reports based on HERI defined comparison groups, click here for a list of comparison groups associated with each survey.

    The Freshman Survey (TFS)
    Your First College Year Survey (YFCY)
    College Senior Survey (CSS)
    The Faculty Survey (FAC)
For questions about ordering Custom Reports, contact HERI at (310) 825-1925.

PowerPoint Report
Please click on a survey for a Sample PowerPoint Report
The PowerPoint Report contains graphical representation of select survey results. Users are able to edit all graphs and tables. These reports are available as a single-group report for surveys from 2012 forwards. A single-group report shows data for one institution and one comparison group only. As of 2012, the PowerPoint Report is part of the standard reports that institutions received as part of the participation fee. Additional PowerPoint Reports may be ordered that compares one institution with other groups (e.g., institution and Peer Group, or institution and another HERI Comparison Group). PowerPoint reports prior to 2012 are no longer available.

$75 Participating Institution -- $125 Non-Participating Institution/Researcher

Custom Peer Report
   TFS    YFCY    CSS    FAC
Please click on a survey for a sample report
The Custom Peer Report contains the aggregated results in a Microsoft Excel table format which users can conveniently convert to charts and graphs. Participating institutions receive a standard report with two comparison groups as part of the participation fee but may order an additional Custom Peer Report. The report is comprised of the following sub-reports:

  1. Institutional Profile - contains responses to all survey items.
  2. CIRP Construct - provides a unified measure for various academic and educational outcomes.
  3. CIRP Theme - contains theoretically-related survey items.
  4. Longitudinal Profile/Construct - contains responses for survey items that were asked in The Freshman Survey and Your First College Year Survey (TFS/YFCY) or in The Freshman Survey and the College Senior Survey (TFS/CSS). If requesting data for a peer group, this sub-report is only available if five or more institutions participated in both surveys. For a list of institutions that particiapted in our surveys, click here.
  5. HERI Expected Graduation Rate Calculator - uses data from The Freshman Survey to predict expected 4, 5, and 6-year graduation rates.
The Custom Peer Report allow users to select three groups for comparison (i.e., My Institution, Peer Group, and/or Comparison Group). The first group selected will be compared to the second and third groups. For example, the report may be ordered to include these three groups: My Institution, Peer Group, and Comparison Group. Results of the first group, My Institution, will be compared to those of the Peer Group and the Comparison Group. CIRP Construct and CIRP Theme sub-reports are based on first-time, full-time freshmen (TFS and YFCY) or graduating seniors (CSS).

Reports prior to 2009 may be ordered as a Special Report.

$125 Participating Institution -- $250 Non-Participating Institution/Researcher

Group Code Report
The Group Code Report is only available to participating institutions that used the group code option in their survey administration. Group Code Report contains the "Annual Profile and "CIRP Construct" sub-reports (refer to Annual Survey Report above) for each group code. The Group Code Report does not include the "CIRP Themes" sub-reports nor do the reports contain significance testing or effect size.

$150 Participating Institution

Survey Trends Report
Sample Report
The American Freshmen: Forty Year Trends (1966-2006), describes the dramatic national changes that have occurred in college freshmen since CIRP was initiated. For the most up to date trend information, CIRP offers The Freshmen Survey Trends Report which contains responses to over 260 commonly asked questions since 1971. In addition to The Freshman Survey Trends Report, the Survey Trends Report is also available for the YFCY and CSS surveys. The Survey Trend Report shows separate results for men, women and all respondents. The TFS and YFCY reports show the results for first-time, full-time freshmen. The CSS report shows results for graduating seniors. For a list of items included in the survey trends report, click here.

Participating Institution: $350 (optional $50 per additional comparison group) / $75 per update per survey within five years (time-limited offer)
Non-Participating Institution/Researcher: $1,000