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Diverse Learning Environments Survey Publications
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Discriminination and Bias, Underrepresentation, and Sense of Belonging on Campus
Hurtado, S., & Ruiz Alvarado, A.
ISBN:      pages.
Oct 2015
Findings from the 2015 Administration of the Diverse Learning Environments (DLE) Survey
Rios-Aguilar, C., Eagan, K., & Stolzenberg, E. B.
ISBN:      pages.
Oct 2015
Measuring and Benchmarking Campus Equity and Inclusion
Eagan, K., Mayorga, O., & Ramirez, J.
ISBN:      pages.
May 2015
Quantitative Measures of Students' Sense of Validation: Advancing the Study of Diverse Learning Environments
Hurtado, S., Cuellar,M., & Guillermo-Wann, C.
ISBN:      pages.
Aug 2011
Diverse Learning Environments Survey Instrument: Introduction and Select Factors
Hurtado, S., Arellano, L., Cuellar,M., & Guillermo-Wann, C.
ISBN:      pages.
Jan 2011
Assessing Higher Education's Advancement Toward a New Vision of Society
Hurtado, S.
ISBN:      pages.
Jan 2009
Assessing the Value of Climate Assessments: Progress and Future Directions
Hurtado, S. H., Griffin, K. A., Arellano, L., Cuellar M.
ISBN:      pages.
May 2008